Ballerina Bear

Illustrated by Pamela Paparone

Bernice loves ballet. There’s only one problem. Bernice is NOT graceful. When the other animals leap, she lumps. When they twirl, she tumbles. Then Bertram shows up. Bertram is graceful. He soars, he spins, and he never, ever falls. But Bertram is SO perfect, he’s boring. But when Bertram and Bernice dance together, what happens is a surprise that deserves a standing ovation!

What people are saying:

“Bernice is an endearing klutz. This is a feel-good story about persistence and valuing differences. Paparone’s warm, winsome color illustrations are alive with expression and movement.” —School Library Journal

“Bernice the bear cub . . . has two left feet. ‘Whenever she twirled, she tumbled,’ writes Corey. . . . ‘Whenever she leaped, she landed in a lump.’ Then Bernice finds the perfect partner in Bertram, a young danseur whose technique is mind-numbingly perfect (‘Whenever Bertram danced, people fell asleep’). The two agree to act as foils for one another and become the stars of the ballet school rehearsal.” —Publishers Weekly

“Corey, author of the First Graders from Mars series, infuses her ursine heroine with a strong attitude of confidence. Ballet technique is not the point here, as it is Bernice’s unshakable confidence that is the story’s gentle message.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This short and sweet picture book tale is about Bernice, a novice ballerina who has two left paws. Young dancers will love every move, and hang on to every word. Ballerina Bear imparts a darling study in contrasts, and a vivid lesson about never giving up, finding your own true talent, and enjoying the process.” —Midwest Book Review

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