Barack Obama: Out of Many, One, Step into Reading, Step 3

Illustrated by James Bernardin

This is the story of a skinny little boy with a funny name and how he became part of America’s history. In very clear and accessible language, newly independent readers can learn how the lessons and love of Obama’s mother and grandparents shaped him; how the places he lived influenced him; and how he turned sadness from his childhood—the feeling that he didn’t fit in anywhere—into a positive, driving force for finding a place in the world and in the history books. 

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What people are saying:

“This biography is told in a simple, personal way so that youngsters may understand [Obama’s] heritage, background, experience, and more. At just under fifty pages, this book from the Step into Reading series is a Step 3, Reading on Your Own Level. This story about the United States of America has once again shown that ‘all things are possible!’”

 —Children’s Literature

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